Priyanshu Yadav, 10yrs, Male, Uttar Pradesh

Priyanshu might just be your everyday ten-year-old. He loves playing sports, reading, and chocolates (perhaps in ascending order of preference). His family of five includes a younger brother and two elder sisters, living in Allahabad. He was diagnosed in May 2018 at Sarvodaya Hospital, Allahabad, and has undergone surgery and one session of chemotherapy since. When they learned of his cancer, Priyanshu’s parents were distraught, and went looking for an answer.

Priyanshu joined the Access Life family in June 2018, with some initial issues with the Mumbai environment. However, the pollution and dirt outside were nothing but little speedbumps along the way. His mother says the AL centre is probably the safest place for a cancer battler to be (outside of the treatment room, of course). Priyanshu’s family has made a few changes in their lifestyle, especially with respect to hygiene and daily care: double-bathing, consistent dusting, and mental cleanliness, to name a few.

Priyanshu holds dreams of being a doctor one day, as is popular with his friends. The idea of fighting cancer and helping other people through this stressful period gives him strength. As for his parents, they’re just content with his treatment and wish for him to choose his own path. “Timely medicines, following the doctor’s routine, and avoiding addiction can go a long way”, says Priyanshu’s mother.

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