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Access Life provides the families with Accommodation, Nutrition, and Transportation to hospital, along with counselling, and recreational and educational support, all free of cost, while their children receive medical care at Tata Memorial and other public hospitals in Mumbai.


70% to 90% Childhood Cancers are Curable!
Children battling cancer and without access to proper accommodation and nutrition are 5 times more likely not to survive due to secondary infections, chemotherapy intolerance and treatment abandonment.

Families coming to Mumbai from different parts of the country for treatment usually do not have relatives or shelter here. Access Life offers them a hygienic shelter, coupled with a stress-free environment and nutritional support that gives our bravehearts an upper hand in their fight against cancer.

Access Life shelters the lives of more than 150 individuals every year.

Pediatric Support


Good Nutrition is especially important in cancer treatment because both the illness and its treatment can affect the patient’s appetite and nutritional status. At our centres, we provide food grains and nutritional supplements required for the children; as well as promote community cooking facilities at the housing accommodation.

Pediatric Support


Our bravehearts have low immunity levels and using public transport exposes them to risk of infection that can hamper their progress in recovery. Given that each family makes an average of four trips to hospital per week during the course of the treatment, stress free transportation is a critical element of supportive care.

We have four donated vehicles to facilitate their free transportation comfortably, as they go to the hospital for investigations, chemotherapy treatment/ surgery and follow-up, while their stay at Access Life.

Pediatric Support


Access Life is also about Emotional and Psychological Support (EPS) programmes that facilitate healing and equip the children and their families with practical ways to deal with the distress created by the disease. It’s about keeping the children engaged with educational sessions so that they don’t miss out on school; and teaching the parents new skills that could be a source of livelihood when they return to their respective hometowns after their child’s long treatment. From yoga, nutrition and counselling sessions, to storytelling, craft, and recreational activities, over 700 events were conducted across our centres.

Pediatric Support


Distribution of the Access Life Hygiene Kit is our initiative towards promoting hygienic living amongst families with children fighting cancer. We identified the lack of hygiene as one of the biggest challenges to fast and safe recovery, and more than just a small nuisance to treatment.

In collaboration with Wadia hospital, each child is provided with a bag containing 16 items, packaged together as a ‘hygiene kit’.

We hope to promote hygiene, to keep the road to recovery smooth; and that these habits carry forward onto other stages of their lives.

Pediatric Support


Access Life offers resources for nutritional counselling and further support for teens and young adults undergoing treatment for cancer at Tata Memorial Hospital. A vast majority of adolescents undergoing treatment have their nutritional needs compromised. This issue can usually be attributed to a lack of resources, counselling, time, or even cultural barriers. In collaboration with Tata hospital, To improve their nutritional status through nutritional education, counselling, supplementation as per the plan recommended by the dietitia.

Teen & Young Adults

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