Access Life Assistance Foundation

Nidhi Patil, 6yrs, Female, Maharashtra

A delightful, sweet soul; the first thing you’ll come across when meeting Nidhi is her spirit of enquiry. In early April 2018, Nidhi had been diagnosed with blood cancer at Surya Private Hospital, Wakad; where she stayed for seven days. Diagnosis at this age can prove harrowing- but her indefatigability is a wonder. Her expeditious recovery has already been marked with the completion of her first chemotherapeutic cycle.

Their experience at Access Life is in remarkable juxtaposition with tough news. The loving, caring staff; healthy nutrition; and comprehensive care is an absolute joy, says Nidhi’s father. One of their biggest learnings has been the hygienic changes they’ve found in their ways. Her increased vulnerability to diseases has mandated their adaptations. The gender differentiation of toilets, proper cooking spaces, and organized living spaces are wontedto their lifestyle.

The news came with a massive hammer to Nidhi’s parents- they were stuck in a thought-loop for hours at an end. Arriving in Mumbai for treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital, the road was their makeshift home for three days. Nidhi and her family were referred to Access Life by a helpful social worker.
Nidhi, seven years old, has a keen interest in education. Not uncommon for children her age, Nidhi would love to be a doctor someday. Or a teacher. Or five other things- the options have left Nidhi quite perplexed. Her mantra through these months has been “stay strong, don’t cry, be positive”, in her own words.