Access Life Assistance Foundation

Partha Sarkar, 2yrs, Male, Maharashtra

A little Bengali boy with a smile that’d melt your heart, Parth is a vibrant two-year-old. Parth’s father, an honest labourer from Malda, West Bengal believes his child is their glimmer of hope. Their journey is admittedly awe-inspiring.

A couple of days before 2018, Parthwas identified to have a solid tumour cancer- first observed at Malda Medical College in West Bengal. This brave little soul underwent two surgeries- a stomach operation in Malda, and one on his thoracic cavity at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. They joined Access Life in early February 2018, and describe the experience to have been life-altering, in more than one way. A trivial detail in our lives, the gas stove, was a major upgrade for Parth’s family- his mother had only used a traditional ‘chulaa’ prior. Hygienic cooking and living had no doubt supported Parth’s treatment way more than accredited with.

Perhaps the most challenging period for Parth’s family was the week after they learned of his ailment- the financial burden imposed on them was mountainous. They found support in another cancer survivor who referred them to Tata Hospital in Mumbai, and subsequently Access Life. Parth has undergone four cycles of chemotherapy since. His family’s utmost desire is to provide their child with all the care possible, and to look after his needs as far as they can.