Access Life Assistance Foundation

Pranjal Yadav, 5yrs, Male, Bihar

Pranjal is a boy with a lot on his mind, for a five-year old. You’ll find him spending his days chirping on about the things he sees, his hands occupied in another place, and still finding time to kick a ball around. Diagnosed with blood cancer at Banaras Hospital in April 2018, his family had to make the switch from all the way in Balhar, UP. It’d take everything they’ve got to get through this. He’s been through surgery and four chemotherapeutic sessions after.

At Access Life, Pranjal and his family connected early June 2018; and very quickly acclimated themselves to their new residence. They give 100% importance to the family- “without family, we wouldn’t be much”, says Pranjal’s mother. Their village in UP didn’t have sanitation facilities, and open defecation was an issue. After having used toilets, Pranjal and his family are staunch advocates and hope to share the information with the rest of their village soon.

Finances are one of the biggest worries with cancer- without them, how would one even go about getting treatment? Pranjal’s family was referred to Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, where they were able to get their son the medical attention he deserved. Pranjal hopes for a bright future- He loves reading (and kicking up a ruckus wherever he goes). His mother’s biggest hope is to get Pranjal treated in time and get their life back on track. “Stay strong, especially for the children. They look up to us”, says his father, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.