Access Life Assistance Foundation

Sagar Shinde, 10yrs, Male, Maharashtra

Much like most ten-year olds, Sagar is an exuberant little personality. One would usually spot him around the carrom board, pocketing your pieces before you’d have an actual shot. His biggest hope is to respect his mother and father, and pay heed to their teachings. Years of wisdom packed in such a young adolescent!

In late March 2016, eight-year old Sagar underwent surgery for bone tumour in his left hand and in the thoracic cavity of his chest at Tata Memorial Hospital in Parel, Mumbai. Fathomably, Sagar’s cancer came as a massive shock after to his family after they heard the news. Their physician guided them to Tata Memorial Hospital, where they were referred to Access Life for residence. Soon after, his chemotherapeutic sessions began. Sagar’s family has been with the Access Life Foundation since May 2016, and the past two years have been nothing short of magical.

The centre, says Sagar, is like their home. In fact, everyone seems like relatives. The little skills he’s picked up include making rakhis, origami, and basic crafts. The environment at Access Life pivots around the core values of safety and hygiene, which truly helps Sagar and other children like him battle cancer. Their susceptibility to infection increases exponentially while undergoing treatment.

Sagar wishes to join the Indian army someday, to protect and serve the nation. His inspiration is his uncle, who is also in the army. His pet peeve is addictions- addiction is the antithesis to a healthy lifestyle. His message to families enduring the same pressure is quite profound in its own simplicity- the easiest break to addictions is thoughts of your children. Treat them with all the care they deserve.