Access Life Assistance Foundation

Aradhya Shelar, 2yrs, Female, Maharashtra

The beginning of childhood isn’t exactly where parents would expect a tumour in their child. Unfortunately, for Aaradhya, a three-year-old from Aurangabad, it proved so. Diagnosed with cancer at Nirmaya Private Hospital in Aurangabad, Aaradhya braved through a surgery at the age of two and a half in October 2017; and nine sessions of chemotherapy after. Her family joined Access Life in October 2017.

“Everything is amazing- we’ve got all the supplies we need, the management is great, we’ve learnt a lot”, says Aaradhya’s father. The cleanliness habits they’ve picked up have had a big impact. Aaradhya used to fuss over bathing even once a day, she urges his parents twice a day now! A safe and clean environment can do wonders.

The most stressful point of time for them was mid-journey between Aurangabad and Mumbai. Aaradhya was even littler, and her parents had massive pressures on them. Growing up, she’d like to join the Indian police force- she really likes shooting the bad men, it seems. Their message is simple: focus on the doctor’s advice, take care of your children, and provide timely care.