Access Life Assistance Foundation

Fareena Sinha, 9months, Female, Chhattisgarh

The first year of Fareena’s life was spent in Raipur, Chattisgarh. A joyful little soul, she was just beginning to crawl when her parents were hit with the news- Fareena had been diagnosed with neuroplastimatumour and spent four months visiting Raipur Private Hospital. Later, they were referred to Access Life; where they’ve spent their time ever since. She’s been through eight chemotherapeutic sessions, along with a surgery for the tumour.

Describing their experience at Access Life, Fareena’s mother says “it’s wondrous, the management is good; Jenny aunty is like a mother to everyone. Wherever we’ll be, we’ll be connected to her”. As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed- the families they’ve met at Access Life have provided support through the toughest of times for them. Maintaining personal hygiene was a small challenge, but they were up to the task. Keeping clean is absolutely essential, they say now.

The surgery Fareena went through was a difficult period of time for her parents- it was the first time they’d seen anyone in the family undergo such a procedure. Her life hung in the balance- a really intense situation. Fareena’s parents hope she becomes a teacher one day, and imparts all sorts of knowledge on her pupils. “Stay positive, teach what you learn, and support your child”, says her father, “and we’ll all get through it together”.