Access Life Assistance Foundation

Mohammad Ali, 4yrs, Male, Maharashtra

This adored little man from Solapur has a particular proclivity for colours. In fact, a box of crayons is probably his most prized possession. Mohammed was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia- a kind of blood cancer that affects white blood cells. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst children, and occurs when a bone marrow cell develops error in its DNA. Mohammed’s family of five is housed, quite ironically, at Access Life’s fifth centre. He has two brothers, aged eight and three years old. His father works as an operator at a private firm and receives firm (no pun intended) backing on the residential front from his mother, a home-maker.

Mohammed first displayed symptoms of typhoid dengue in, being admitted into the general ward of DY Patil Hospital, Pune. Upon the intensifying of his symptoms, he was transferred to the ICU; and discharged twelve days after. Something had quite clearly been plaguing him, though, and Mohammed’s leg began to bloat. At SPAN Hospital, his liver and stomach were identified to have swollen up too. The doctor called for an x-ray and administered a saline solution in the meantime. After a bone marrow test, he was officially diagnosed with blood cancer.

In the fourth stage of treatment, the dusk of Mohammed’s day has reached its dawn. This taxing trial might best be described a minor blood clot in the grand scheme of things- it could never penetrate his soul. In fact, his mischievous ways have only strengthened in their resolve. His mother describes his ‘masti’ to be one of Mohammed’s biggest hobbies of sorts. Besides being a menace of the most positive kind, he loves cars, singing, and playing cricket; not to mention his love for colours. A day with Mohammed would be nothing short of a week of adventure. He gobbles up brinjals and tomato chutney with absolute ease- a feat not many children would be able to claim. What’s his favourite dessert? Laddoos, says Mohammed, with a flash of his fangs. The twinkle in his eyes, the soul in his smile, and the boyish wonder in his heart are almost palpable.